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The Saving Angel Campaign

We'll follow ANGEL to hell ... or another network

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This community is for information on the Saving Angel Campaign. We will be posting news, campaign strategies, and up-to-date info on what you can do to save ANGEL.

About Saving Angel:

The Saving Angel Campaign is a multifaceted coalition from all spectrums of the Whedonverse fandom, including groups previously responsible for placing a number of full page fan ads in The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and other publications. We have banded together as a collective body to support the continuation of ANGEL beyond this season. We are eternally thankful for the creative efforts of Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt, the cast, writers, and crew of ANGEL, and we feel that it is too soon for their voices to be silenced. We are willing to follow ANGEL wherever it may go and hope that you will join our cause.

We will follow ANGEL to hell ... or another network.

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