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New hope for an Angel resurrection

New hope for an Angel resurrection
Posted on Thr, 27-Jan-2005

When WB prematurely axed vampiric fave "Angel", the last hope for our lawyerly lot seemed to lie with a series of telemovies. Though there was a lot of interest initially, there's been little mention of them in the last few months though.

TV Guide checked in with WB president David Janollari to see if there's still any chance for a WB return to the Whedonverse.

"[Boreanaz] has a lot of other things going on", tells the suit, when quizzed about the proposed films.

OK, but what about a Spike telemovie? that was mooted too, was it not? "I've never thought of that," he says, "I had not thought about it. We always thought Angel would be the character the audience would want to come back to see. We may give some thought to the Spike movie. That's interesting."

Persistence is the key James Marsters.

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