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Gellar Signs On For Buffy Movie


A spokesman for Sarah Michelle Gellar revealed this morning on SN News that the actress had at last agreed to star in a movie based on the popular television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Former cast members Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendan, and Anthony Stewart Head have already signed on. Filming is anticipated to begin this fall, and will unfortunately trump creator Joss Whedon's current project, a remake of Wonder Woman.

In an interview with SN News, Whedon revealed that David Boreanaz will not be returning to the role of 'Angel' in the film, due to the fact that "no one really liked him anyway." Additionally, rumor has it that James Marsters is slated to appear in a dream sequence in the film; fans will note that dead characters often made later appearances in the show, and the movie will be no different. Marsters's character, the vampire Spike, died in the series finale.

There is no word yet on a potential release date, though we have learned that the script has been finalized for some time. Whedon was simply waiting for Gellar to determine whether or not she wanted to reprise a role she played for such a large part of her career.

* Yep, April Fools. Jerks. *
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New hope for an Angel resurrection

New hope for an Angel resurrection
Posted on Thr, 27-Jan-2005

When WB prematurely axed vampiric fave "Angel", the last hope for our lawyerly lot seemed to lie with a series of telemovies. Though there was a lot of interest initially, there's been little mention of them in the last few months though.

TV Guide checked in with WB president David Janollari to see if there's still any chance for a WB return to the Whedonverse.

"[Boreanaz] has a lot of other things going on", tells the suit, when quizzed about the proposed films.

OK, but what about a Spike telemovie? that was mooted too, was it not? "I've never thought of that," he says, "I had not thought about it. We always thought Angel would be the character the audience would want to come back to see. We may give some thought to the Spike movie. That's interesting."

Persistence is the key James Marsters.
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Joss Whedon Talks Buffyverse Movies

Joss Whedon Talks Buffyverse Movies
From Fred Topel,

Possible TV movies for Buffy and Angel

As the fall TV season gears up, Buffy and Angel fans await news of TV movies based on their beloved series. Even Joss Whedon hasn’t heard anything official, but rest assured he would be able to produce movies in the “Buffyverse” even if Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz would not return.

“I haven’t really heard anything,” Whedon said. “Obviously, there’s been a regime change at WB. The fans are interested, I’m interested. I don't think either Sarah or David would want to do it but there’s about 10 other character I can name who would be totally worthy of movies. I’m just waiting for somebody to say yay or nay.”

Whedon could not commit to writing or directing such a project, but said, “I would certainly be involved.

I would never let one of those stories be told without overseeing it.”
The long-rumored Buffy animated series may still have life too. “A presentation is being made. It hasn’t been bought anywhere, but it’s still in the creating stages so it’s still a possibility.”
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Whedon wants out of TV

Whedon wants out of TV
Scribe wends his way out of deal at 20th TV


"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator Joss Whedon is done with TV -- for now. Twentieth Century Fox TV has approved Whedon's request to halt his overall deal at the studio, effectively shuttering his Mutant Enemy production shingle.

Besides wanting to focus on his feature career, Whedon said he decided to take a break from TV because, quite simply, he had run out of series ideas.

"I spent a lot of time trying to think what my next series would be," Whedon said. "I couldn't think of anything. When that happens, it generally means something is just not working. I didn't feel like I could come up with anything that the networks would want."

Whedon had a little over a year left on his overall pact with 20th Century Fox TV. Under terms of his departure, the scribe can't work on TV projects anywhere else. And if Whedon decides to return to TV, 20th gets first dibs.

"It would be a lie to say that I'm not disappointed, because I will miss working with Joss," said 20th Century Fox TV prexy Dana Walden.

"Hopefully, sooner rather than later, he'll have an inspired TV idea that he can't help himself from doing. ... We're just glad that when he decides to do TV again, it will be with us."

The departure doesn't affect Whedon's film career; the scribe is not set up anywhere on the feature side.

Whedon currently is writing and directing the feature "Serenity," based on his short-lived Fox skein "Firefly." He also has an animated TV version of "Buffy" in the works; that project will continue to be developed.

Mutant Enemy is expected to close shop as soon as this week; departing are the label's handful of staffers, including company president Chris Buchanan, who's been with Mutant Enemy since 2002 and is exec producing "Serenity."

"My career has always gone through phases of swelling and shrinking," Whedon said. "It's just a different phase, but this is hopefully not the end of my TV career. There are a lot of people I won't be working with that I will miss."

Mutant Enemy will continue with Whedon as the sole proprietor.

Whedon's decision caught some insiders off-guard. Given 20th's tremendous success with "Buffy" and its spinoff, "Angel," Whedon has more than earned his keep at the studio. So it's conceivable he could have finished out his deal at 20th without developing anything new -- and without anyone at the studio minding.

But Whedon dismissed that idea.

"It's possible, but I'm not interested in taking money that I don't earn," he said. "And I found out from 'Firefly' that I'm not the kind of producer who can throw something up on the wall every year and see if it sticks."

Whedon said his decision also was helped by personal matters: His second child is due to be born shortly. And, Whedon admits, he's discouraged by TV's reality boom.

"I have a bitter taste in my mouth with where TV has gone in the past five years," said Whedon, who called TV's reality trend "loathsome."

Whedon got his start on laffers like "Roseanne" and "Parenthood" before turning his attention to features. Scribe's credits include "Speed" and "Toy Story," as well as the original film version of "Buffy."

"When we did the pilot of 'Buffy,' Joss' agent told us he'd be with the show for the first 13 episodes and then go back to his feature career," Walden said. "Given that we're hundreds of episodes of TV shows later, he's finally turning back to features. It would be unfair of me not to understand."

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The WB Wants More ‘Angel’

The WB Wants More ‘Angel’

Author: Alan Stanley Blair
Date: 10-21-2004
Source: Cinescape
Last season he was staked by The WB network. But according to a Cinescape insider, it now appears as if the network may be reconsidering bringing "Angel" back.

"Angel," the supernatural drama series which began as a spinoff of the smash-hit "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," lasted five seasons on the Frog network, and provided action-packed thrills, giggles and the occasional apocalypse.

At the point of cancellation, however, The WB announced that they were interested in continuing the story through a series of television movies, none of which have ever been developed. Reports now suggest that the problem might not be with the network, but rather, with Angel himself.

Show star David Boreanaz has consistently said he is eager to move away from the series, both to launch a movie career and to spend more time with his family. So fans who thought the story ended there, better think again.

Cinescape’s source says that The WB is still pushing the resurrection of the series in one form or another. Apparently, The WB network chairman Garth Ancier has spoken with series co-creator Joss Whedon about doing something with "Angel." That "something" could be television movies, a miniseries or even a complete sixth season.

But before fans get too excited, there is a small catch. The insider explains that everyone in the show's cast and crew have moved on to other projects. James Marsters (Spike) has been involved in a short stint on "The Mountain," impressing writers of the series, and will most likely return to the series in a more frequent basis. Similarly, Amy Acker (Fred/Illyria) and Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia) are in the running to be the next Lois Lane in the new "Superman" movie. And David Boreanaz himself has several movie roles lined up.

What does this mean for the show? Well, the news that Acker is too busy to return for a single "Angel" project disproves the rumours of an Illyria spinoff which started with the official magazine.

"Yes, there will be more ‘Angel’ - just hard to say when," the source said. "If Amy gets ‘Superman’ - she's out, if James stays on ‘The Mountain’ - that'll be a juggle, and if David Boreanaz gets any more anti-‘Angel,’ they'll have to recast."

So in an ironic twist, the network which deemed “Angel” not suitable for television, is now desperate for more, and the cast and crew have gone on to greener pastures.

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Buffy Book

You have received this email because your site was chosen for inclusion in my book (In this case it was a part of an entire chapter on the Saving Angel campaigns). I am writing to all of you to let you know that the book goes on sale in 3 days (October 7th, 2004). During pre-sales the book will be offered at 10% the listed price, it will be personally autographed, and it will be guaranteed delivery by December 31st, 2004. The new site has been launched and is ready for viewing (so feel free). As you are in the book, feel free to help us promote it by adding our banner on your site (if you have one), or by letting "your" community know. For every banner that is placed on a site, a link will be included back to that site on the book's site. Remember that the Ultimate Quiz's answers (from the book) will be located on the book's site, so having your site in the links section is a good thing, traffic wise. There are exclusive cast interviews in the book as well, so you can say that your site is included in a book with their interviews. Congratulations! If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks again. Next time we'll meet is in print! :o)


Kiss Me Jane.

Kiss Me Jane Productions
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Free to a good home...

Hi all,

I'm looking for a qualifed web designer/developer that would be interested in taking over

I'll help transfer the site to the host of your choice, or you can continue with the current host. The current host is paid through 10/8/2004 but I'll be also happy to extend that for a few months if it would help.

Note: if you want to put the site on a new host, which I'd recommend, then I suggest that you make sure that hosting package you choose allows at least 40GB bandwidth traffic per month. It's dropped considerably since we've taken the vids down and averages less than 10GB bandwidth a month now, but I wouldn't want you suprised by big bandwidth overage charges should you need to host vids in the future.

The site isn't currently being updated, so there's next to no work right now. I don't have any idea what the future strategy will be though - so best I can say is that the future work involved depends on the strategies of the Saving Angel team.

Currently the style is primarily static HTML, there's a couple of CSS files and some javascript for the rollovers, but it's pretty simple stuff as far as sites go.

I do want to make sure that the site is in good hands, so I'd like to know a little bit about you and your web experience, including URLs for the sites you've designed, developed and/or maintained. You can post that here (I'm screening replies, so the info is confidential) or email me directly at my gia at email.

I will say that I believe that the web site is very important to the efforts of the Saving Angel, so this is a job in which you can really add a lot of value to the team.

Ideally I want to find a new owner and get the site transferred by 11/8.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.




Don't forget the Saving Angel Rally!

Tomorrow (Wednesday, March 31st)
3pm-7pm PST
at the WB Ranch in Burbank, CA

If you can attend, PLEASE do so.

If you aren't in CA, you can participate in our

Virtual Rally


Today's email campaign


This week's postcard targets are:

USA Today
Robert Bianco
USA Today Critic's Corner
7950 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22108-0605


Entertainment Tonight
Paramount Pictures Domestic TV
Roddenberry Building
5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90038

Send as many cards as possible to both targets! We suggest that you include the following message on your cards:

Fight for Quality TV: Save ANGEL

Download your postcards from the site.

For other ways to contribute to the cause, visit our website.

Chris Buchanan from ME at the Bronze Beta

Hi, Chris Buchanan here from Mutant Enemy. Long time lurker, first time poster.

Thought it was about time (OK, it's way past time), to give all of the ANGEL fans an enormous shout out/thank you directly from Joss and all of us at Mutant Enemy.

Your kind words, support and efforts (flowers, beanie babies, postcards, mobile billboards, adverts, etc., etc.) in the weeks since the cancellation of ANGEL was announced, have been darn near overwhelming. We really, really appreciate the love.

It goes without saying here at the Bronze Beta, but I also wanted to let you all know that the Buffy/Angel-verse will never die.

While we consider the possibility of Season 6 of ANGEL as remote as the discovery of WMDs in Iraq, Mutant Enemy already has plans for more tales from the world of ANGEL. I can't comment on exactly what form they'll take, but rest assured, it's in the works.

Thanks again to all of the fans, the "Save Angel" organizations, and your efforts taken in our behalf.

You kids are the best!

Bronze Beta



Saving Angel Campaign Announces Los Angeles Rally

Saving Angel to hold Viewer Rally at The WB Ranch on Wednesday, March 31, 2004.

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) March 25, 2004 -- On Wednesday, March 31, 2004, dedicated viewers of The WB television program Angel will gather at the Warner Brothers production ranch in Burbank, California to show support for the series and protest its untimely cancellation.

The rally is the latest step in a campaign orchestrated by Saving Angel ( and ), the coalition of Angel viewers who have come together in hopes of keeping the show on the air. SavingAngel has collected over $30,000 from devotees around the world, funding an unprecedented series of measures which have garnered national media attention.

“We had hoped that we would touch a nerve in the viewing public, but never expected the response to be so huge, nor the media coverage to be so encompassing.” said Lisa Rowe, Saving Angel Media Liaison. “I believe that it sends a signal to the powers that be in TV that viewers really do have a desire to watch good scripted shows, and are speaking up about it.”

So far, the campaign has included thousands of postcards and emails to network and media targets on a changing schedule, full-page ads in Variety and Hollywood Reporter, and a mobile billboard driving through the streets of Los Angeles (photos attached). The campaign has emphasized its desire to see quality scripted TV programming remain on the air.

Rally details:
Date: Wednesday, March 31 2004
Location: The WB Ranch
3701 W. Oak Street
Burbank, California 91505
(map attached)

Time: 3 pm – 7 pm PST

For more details, including a map and directions to the rally, please see our website at: